Nalina Girish

I have been using a wheelchair for 34 years now.I was using a non customised wheelchair for the last 9 years. I have faced numerous issues including propulsion caused due to type of wheels and their alignment, lack of custom fitting options causing back issues, over all weight of the device leading to transportability issues and lack of after-market service.

We were interested in procuring a light weight wheelchair that could be customized to our needs which would result in better postural management, improved sitting comfort and ease in propulsion and transportability.

We were planning a trip to USA to procure a light weight active Wheelchair due to the lack of options and expertise in India.

We got a manufacturer referral while planning our trip to USA.

SMOI has provided world class service at our door steps. Our experience from assessment through product selection and fitting has been very personalized and rewarding. SMOI has been very approachable and professional throughout this journey and beyond.

Using an ultralight wheelchair – Tilite ZRA, has been remarkable. The ease with which I can propel my device and the customized features down to the color options has met our every expectation. My postural management has seen drastic improvement especially with the use of cushion which I had never used before. I love the trendy look of my wheelchair; I don’t feel like I am sitting on a wheelchair.

I have learnt a lot about technology through SMOI, now I am aware of each component of my wheelchair.

With SMOI’s expertise, professional and personalized conduct, I would definitely advocate using their services to all those who are seeking world class mobility solutions.