Low cost Motorised Wheelchair


Testing and Development of a Low Cost Motorized Wheelchair (LOCOMO-WC), for Less Resource Settings


Access to functional mobility equipment at affordable prices for people with disabilities is a challenge in less resource settings such as India, especially related to electric power wheelchairs (EPW). The low-cost western-style EPWs that dominate the Indian market fail prematurely and are not designed to meet the environmental needs commonly found in less resource settings (LRSs). The engineering design team at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL, University of Pittsburgh), headed by Dr. Jon Pearlman, designed a low cost motorized wheelchair (LOCOMO-WC) to meet the needs of individuals in LRSs.


This project was a joint effort between the Human Engineering Research Laboratories, University of Pittsburgh (HERL, Pittsburgh, USA), the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC, New Delhi, India), Specialized Mobility Operations & Innovations and Ostrich Mobility (Bangalore, India) supported through the NIH Indo- US Collaboration for Low Cost Medical Devices grant award.

Human Engineering Search Lab
Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
University Of Pittsburg
Specialised Mobility Operations Innovations
Ostrich Mobility Bangalore