Quickie Tango

Power, Rear wheel drive Wheelchair - Quickie Tango

Quickie Tango has been specifically made for those who need an efficient, affordable power wheelchair – but with a little bit extra. Compact, sleek and minimalist – Tango offers style, performance and function without any compromise on quality. Indoors or out, performance is ensured with articulating drive wheel suspension, high torque motors, 17″ seat height and narrow 58cm width. With powered tilt-in-space as standard, a comfortable seating position and pressure redistribution can be achieved quickly and easily. In addition to its standard features, the Tango offers a range of options including a manual or powered reclining back, manual elevating legrests, choice of wheel size, lights and indicators and a kerb climber – all of which can be easily retro-fitted in minutes. Flexibility, adaptability and efficiency – that’s what Tango is all about.

Country of Origin

Drive Traction
Rear wheel drive

Frame Type


100 kgs