Zippie Voyage

Paediatric Stroller Wheelchair - Zippie Voyage Paediatric Stroller Wheelchair - Zippie Voyage

The universal Zippie® Voyage™ early intervention device combines Baby Jogger® stroller expertise, Zippie’s incredibly versatile seating for growing babies, and one of the largest selections of functional accessories in the industry! 45° of rearward tilt and an optional 45° of recline assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function, and visual orientation, while forward tilt helps babies bring their hands to their mouth and reach for objects. The Voyage’s cushion, back, and positioning components offer extensive adjustability to keep up with the rapid growth of infants and toddlers. Varying foam softness and thickness and multiple options for head, hip, thigh, and trunk supports help create a custom combination tailored for your child’s unique positioning needs.

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10.5 kgs