Zippie ZM-310

Paediatric Power Wheelchair - Zippie ZM-310 - Green Paediatric Power Wheelchair - Zippie ZM-310 - Yellow

The Zippie® ZM-310™ combines our smallest, most reliable kids power wheelchair base with clinically proven paediatric seating and positioning options to provide children maximum accessibility and independence. The Zippie ZM-310 allows your child to drive effortlessly through narrow hallways, between desks, and beside friends and family. Its compact base is only 24” wide and 35” long for accessing tight indoor spaces. Its mid-wheel-drive design with a turning radius of 19″ is intuitive to drive and turns on a dime. 13″ drive wheels climb obstacles and glide over terrain while keeping your child secure. The ZM-310 is available with a number of seating options like Power Tilt, Power Seat Elevate, Manual Tilt, and Manual Recline to assist with your child’s daily activities.

Country of Origin

Drive Traction
Mid Wheel Drive

Frame Type


106-117 Kg