Shoe holder

Wheelchair Postural Support - Shoe holder

Designed to provide support of the feet, heels, and ankles, JAY Wheelchair Shoe Holders help improve overall positioning. Choose from four styles with varying levels of support.

JAY Shoe Holders help maintain proper wheelchair positioning of the feet, heels, and ankles, broadening the seating “footprint”, and improving overall posture.

Four Styles

  • Ankle Positioning – padded heel support and ankle strap for clients with mild tone
  • Foot & Ankle Positioning – padded heel support with foot and ankle straps for clients with moderate tone
  • Shoe Holder – two foot straps for extra security with additional heel and lateral foot support for clients with moderate to high tone
  • Flexi-Feet – dynamic construction to accommodate clients who may experience frequent periods of tone or involuntary movements.


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