Jay Fusion

Wheelchair Cushion - Jay Fusion

The JAY® Fusion™ is an adjustable wheelchair cushion designed for skin protection that features JAY Flow™ Fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION® air insert options in a package that’s comfortable, stable and supportive. You can choose the Reduced Profile Option to lower the Fusion’s overall height by 5/8″ and maintain a lower seat-to-floor height. For convenience and protection, the JAY Fusion features a dual-cover system. The water-resistant inner cover is easy to clean and includes anti wicking seam thread and Aqua-guard zipper for foam protection. The machine-washable, stretch outer cover utilizes naturally anti-microbial, silver-impregnated X-static® fiber. A layer of 3DX spacer fabric promotes airflow for additional skin protection.

Country of Origin

Product type
Foam with Jay flow fluid or Roho air insert

Inner Cover Type
Dartex® coated Lycra® with Aquaguard zipper and anti-wicking thread

Outer Cover Type
X-static® silver thread stretch