Dr. Padmaja Kankipati, PhD

Dr. Kankipati is the subject matter expert with technical expertise in the field of Rehabilitation Science. Her past research experience have included biomechanical analysis of wheelchair transfer activity and evaluation of anthropometries and functional abilities of wheeled mobility device users. She is trained on the WHO Service Training Package at both the Beginner and Intermediate levels and holds in depth knowledge of wheeled mobility and seating products. She has successfully conducted various research projects like developing a low cost power wheelchair for the Indian environment.


Prashant Singh

A Biomedical Engineer by education, Mr. Singh dabbled into the world of supply chain and worked for conglomerates such as Caterpillar and Motorola. He played a pivotal role as a Business Analyst which required a thorough understanding of business requirements and providing relevant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. As a founding member of India’s social entrepreneurial initiative (SMOI) that strives to assist people with disabilities (PWDs), Mr. Singh is spearheading innovative ways to establish a business model in a charity-based industry, which is deprived of technology, funding and any insurance framework.